NTAC Archery Jerseys

NTAC Archery Jerseys

The NTAC Archery Jerseys are customized to the New Totem Archery Club with our logo and club name printed on all jerseys.  There are 5 spots to put logos for any sponsors you may have or brands that you enjoy like Easton, AAE, Spot Hogg etc. You can also choose between having a compound or traditional archer on the front depending on what you shoot.

NOTE: The jerseys are available in long and short sleeve and are extremely breathable.

The jerseys tend to fit a bit big so we recommend ordering a size down from your normal t-shirt size.

If you want logos, please review the logo locations on the pictures above to know where you want your logos in order to fill in the order form.

Order forms are located here:

Jerseys with Logos:


Jerseys WITHOUT Logos: 


Once you’ve added a jersey to your cart, you can update the quantity if you’re ordering more than one.