NTAC 3D Indoor National Mailmatch

New Totem Archery is combining their indoor tournament with the 3D indoor national mailmatch tournament!

Note* You do not need to compete in mailmatch to shoot, all archers welcome in regular registration on day of tournament.

Date: March 21, 2020 (mailmatch) All who register for mailmatch will be entered into the regular shoot as well which will run the third round of 30 targets on Sunday (March 22) with shoot downs. (NOTE: Known 50 Mailmatch Division cannot win regular tournament as they are using rangefinders, however they are welcome to shoot all 3 round of the tournament).

Location: Kids Arena Field House 9615 96 Ave, Fort St John, BC V1J 4J3

What is the Mailmatch? 

The 3D indoor mailmatch is a national competition in which you can compete across Canada at a local registered Indoor 3D event!  The mailmatch consists of 10 undisclosed targets that you will shoot among the rest of the targets in the round.  After two rounds, the judge will disclose the targets, add up the score and the tournament director for the event will enter your scores into the Archery Canada score database! For a more in depth description click here.

How can you compete?  It’s quite simple:

If you’re unsure of what division you would compete in, see bow set up rules here. click here.

You Must PRE REGISTER for mailmatch! (see below)

Pre register here. (Note: you will need your provincial archery registration number, don’t have one? Click here)

Please Pay HERE