Archery Programs

Rule #1: Always have fun!

Beginner Classes:

New Totem Archery beginner classes are centered around introduction to the sport of archery, safety rules, equipment types and usage, and practice.  Our skilled members help you to engage in archery at beginner entry level and encourage the development of proper form and shot execution.  

Cost: $50/person

Class schedule: 4 weeks with 1 session/week on Mondays at 630pm-730pm

Open to adults and youth that are just beginning their archery journey.

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Intermediate Classes:

New Totem Archery intermediate classes are designed around those who already have been introduced to archery, have their own equipment, and want to take their skill to the next level.  This class is a great option after you’ve taken our beginner class.  Focus on tuning your technique like anchor points, stance, appropriate draw weight and length, sight tuning are all aspects that can be included in these class sessions.

Cost: $50/person

Class Schedule: 4 weeks with 1 session/week on Mondays at 730pm-830pm

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