Redding 3D Safari Spot Shoot

Redding Safari Spot Shoot

Redding Safari Spot shoot is a one day, super fun and challenging shoot!  It will take place Sunday, July 28, 2019 at the NTAC Outdoor Range on Jones Subdivision Road.

Location: NTAC Outdoor range

Date: July 28, 2019

Registration: 8am, Shooting starts when you have a group of 4


  • 2 arrows per target – spot is 11, 8 ring is 10, body is 8 points.
  • 2 rounds of 20 targets per round
  • Known Yardage – rangefinders allowed
  • Shoot offs to follow per category (compound and traditional)
  • Open Class Shooters have your sight tape to 100 yards – wink wink*

Pricing: $50/Adults, $20/Juniors, $10/Cubs & Peewee, $110/Family, 6 & under are free

Food truck on site

Note: Rounds take a little longer with 2 arrows per target so be prepared and there will be a water station half way on each loop.